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Versatile inventor Thomas Alva Edison was born in 1847 in Milan, Ohio, USA. Just three years he received formal education, after it kicked out of school because the teacher thought the child was incredible stupid.
His first creation, electronic voice recorder dibikinnya when he was twenty one years. Her work did not sell. After that he earned fabrication equipment that can diharapnya sold in the market, shortly after he managed to make an electronic voice recorder, he discovered and perfected engine telegraph which automatically prints the letter, which sold for 40,000 dollars, a huge amount at that time. After that, as he queued to find new work and in a short time Edison was not only famous but also the rich. Perhaps, the most original inventions are patented machine that records in 1877. However, more famous in the world than it is the development of a practical incandescent light bulb in 1879.
Edison was not the first to create a system of electric lighting. Several years before the electric current bersinarkan lights have been used for lighting street lamps in Paris. However, following Edison's incandescent bulb electric power distribution system which enables the development of practical electric lighting for the home. 1882, the company began producing electricity for homes in New York, and in a short time had spread throughout the world.
With the establishment of the first electric lighting for homes, Edison is already laying the groundwork for the development of big industry. The use of electric power is not just for lighting but for all aspects of household needs, ranging from televisions to washing machines. Furthermore, the use of electricity through the distribution networks that Edison established itself encourages the use of electricity for industrial sectors.
Edison also contributed for the development of the extraordinary film cameras and projectors. He made important improvements pertilponan (carbon transmiternya improve the clarity of hearing), improvements in the telegraph, and typewriter. Among other findings, among others, dictation machines, coffee machines and the storage battery-driven. Arguably, designing more than 1000 Edison invention, an amount that is really absurd.
One very surprising because their productivity is due at the beginning of his career he built a laboratory investigation in Menlo Park, New Jersey. That's where he gathered a group which enabled makers to help him. This is the embryo of a laboratory investigation that later imitated by so many industries. Edison beginner modern laboratories, a fully equipped central inquiry where so many people working together is a team, is also the result of his work is important, though of course something that he could not patented.
Edison was not only an inventor, he also was involved in organizing various construction and industrial companies. The most important of which eventually transformed into the General Electric Company.
Although the traits he's not a pure scientist, Edison make a scientific discovery. In 1882 he discovered that in a state of near vacuum, electrical current can flow between the two wires are not touching each other. This phenomenon - called Edison's invention - not just have important theoretical intention, but also mean a significant practical use. This leads to the development of vacuum tubes and the foundation of the electronics industry.
Almost all his lifetime, Edison suffered from weak hearing. But, even so, he is more than able to overcome it with hard work is amazing. Edison married twice (his first wife died young), has three children from each wife. He died in 1931 in West Orange, New Jersey.
There was no disagreement about the talent Edison. Everyone agreed that he was the great genius inventor who ever lived. Rows of his findings are very useful and make considered shocking knee chills, although it may be partially developed by other people within thirty years. However, if we consider his personal discoveries, would seem to us that none of it has a decisive significance. For example incandescent bulb, although widely used, is not an irreplaceable items in the modern world. The fact is, illumination from scattered radiation and outgoing in the form of light, which works on the basis of scientific principles are entirely different, is also widely used by people, and in our daily lives does not make any difference if we do not use incandescent light bulbs altogether. Indeed, prior to use electric lighting, candles, oil lamps, and gas lamps are generally regarded as satisfactory levels of illumination.
LPs tool is a clever invention, but nobody thought the tool was able to transform our everyday lives as well as the role presented a radio, television or telephone. Furthermore, in recent years, has created a tool can be a voice recorder with an entirely different method, such as magnetic tape cassette. And if there is no machine record, it does nothing. Many of Edison's patents relating to the improvement of tools, have actually been discovered by others first, even in a form that can be utilized. Improvements in this - although a lot of help - can not be regarded as an important meaning in the sequence of history in general.
But, although none of the inventions Edison-shattering importance, is also useful to remember that he did not just create a single tool, but more than a thousand. On the basis of these considerations I put Edison higher than such famous inventor Guglielmo Marconi and Alexander Graham Bell.
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